Thursday, December 30, 2010


Oh dear. It's that time of the year again. The gyms are overflowing- "Bitch, get off MY treadmill." My financial website is backed up- "If I have to press f5 to get to my retirement fund page, I will take all that money and go some place exotic (but not that expensive)." And the streets are less smokier/full of drunks.

Every year, we design "resolutions" for ourselves. But do we every actually keep them? I know I haven't. In actuality, only 12% of people resolve anything they planned to.

Dean Anderson, a behavioral psychology expert, writes that there are 6 characteristics of an effective goal:
1. Challenging- Making a resolution to surf the internet more would be an example of taking the easy road.

2. Attainable- I'm pretty sure resolving to grow C cup boobs would be out of the question.

3. Specific- I would like to do ________ so I can then do ________.

4. Time-limited- In the next 80 years is time specific.

5. Positive- So I shouldn't vow to seek revenge against my landlord and his inability to fix things correctly? I guess I'll put away my burning bag of dog crap.

6. Flexible- All my goals involve being able to touch my elbow to my nose.

Got it? Ok. Let's make some "resolutions" for 2011!

Resolution #1: Continue my running program by running 3-4 days a week, including an outside run once a week.
- Run my 5k in March under my current 5K time by 4 minutes
- Join and complete the 10k running program through Fleet Sports
- Remain injury free by stretching properly before and after and icing my legs
when needed

Resolution #2: Progress through Guitar 3 Rep at Old Town
- Complete Guitar 2, Guitar 2 Rep, Guitar 3, and Guitar 3 Rep this year
- Make a library of guitar songs with the music given
- Get comfortable with new strum patterns

Resolution #3: Paint or draw once a month
- Study new techniques online
- Learn the difference between paint and the styles used
- Work on figure drawing

Resolution #4: Visit the library once a month
- Return books on time
- Take recommendations from friends
- Read during lunch breaks or on the bus

Resolution #5: Learn how to swim
- Take the adult swim class at the Y
- Practice lap swims once a week
- Be able to swim 10 laps by October 2011

Resolution #6: Make more friends
-Be sociable at the gym and through dance class
- Attend the karaoke nights
- Arrange get togethers with current friends
- Approach strangers with genuine compliments and work on small talking

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