Monday, July 5, 2010


I thought I would try to head to bed early tonight, but I am still awake hammering away at my other blog posts that are due tomorrow. I should have worked on it earlier, but when I am giving a paid holiday observation, I damn well plan on observing it. Plus, I've been really drained of all creative holdings. It's been a long, long weekend.

Friday started off with a mini-adventure with the Ginger. I have been dying to go to the Taste of Chicago ever since I began my "try anything once except green beans" rule. This has included Greek style octopus, various vegan tofu dishes, and veggies I've never heard of. And if you are a family member or friend from high school, you know that I am the last person that could be called a foodie or an adventurous eater.

Anyways, the Ginger came up (lllllaaaattttteeeee) to the city to visit me and to introduce me to the Taste. In my opinion, not so worth it. Some of the stands were filled with food you could find in a grocery store across Illinois (like Home Run pizza) or were from chain eateries (Giordanos). Most of the places had the same food- hamburgers, pizza, fries- and it was hard to find anything worth really trying. If I come back, it will be a large group of people and during non-rush times.

I spent the rest of the holiday weekend with B. We found yet another restaurant that both of us could eat and enjoy and spent several glorious hours in two ammmmazing thrift stores. I was hoping to find some things to decorate my apartment with, but I left empty handed. I did discover that I look awesome in those box hats ala I Love Lucy, so it wasn't a total wash.

Pillbox hats fit for a president's wife/ex-sexpot French singer.

Plus, I now know how much money the majority of my Nana's stuff will get at an antique store.

For the 4th, we headed over to B's uncle's house for a big family party. It was hot and sometimes clouded by a monsoon... but I got to play cornhole (B's cousin and I lost against the boys 21-2), eat a great plate of food, and see some fireworks. Children running around everywhere also sets my happily childless heart on fire, so you cant beat that!

I do have to admit that between my birthday and this holiday, I am getting pretty homesick. It's not that I am longing for an extended trip home, but I am just yearning for a brief visit... uninterrupted by dogs and drama. Since B is going away and I will be a free woman for almost two weeks, I am going to venture down to the Thrilla this weekend. It'll be a nice change- hopefully.

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