Thursday, June 10, 2010

An Introduction To Me

It seems like all I do is sum up my life in writing. Whether it be a one page resume and another for a cover letter, my now dusty dating profile, or those terrible facebook personal surveys. I have become an expert on making myself seem like the most experienced, creative, admirable person- in print. However, I know my audience. And I know my audience of this blog is going to be people who already know me. In person, on my other blogs, or through the various sites I frequent.

And while it truly is all BS in some way, shape, or form... I cant get past it. I will warn you that some things are off of the table. While I may be open to discussing personal (family, love, work) issues, please do not expect real names, dirty details, or gossip. I may vent and I may just be nasty. All I ask is that you take this blog with a grain of salt. I use this blog as a diary, and I take it a step farther by making it public. I'm not sure why, other then it feels great to "publish" something for the world to see. And the connections I have made at my other blogs have been nothing but fantastic.

So glance over it, bookmark it, read it religously... this is what it is. It's the diary and findings of a 22 year old rural transplant with way too much free time on her hand.

Light and love,

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