Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hey! It's the Crap I Find On Etsy!

Chelles's note: I wrote this before I got off of work yesterday. And believe me, a ton has changed. I maybe had one of the most miserable nights in awhile. Between the crying on the kitchen floor and over a pot of poorly made noodles... and the mess I made of my relationship, I am pretty much spent emotionally. Even now, I am still crying. I realize that it is just one day in the scheme of 365, but the last five years have been all the same (minus the crying- this is the first one I managed to break down). There is a ton going on with me mentally that I am not prepared to share here, so I am going to ask you to bare with me. Can someone give me a redo of yesterday? Just pick me up, take me out, and let's pretend it's my birthday all over again. Please?

It's a perfect day. So right for my birthday! Seriously. 75 degrees and sunny. If it was a bit warmer, I'd head to the beach. Maybe this weekend or later on. I did get an amazing (free) shuttle ride to work today. As I was blasting Rilo Kiley's "Breaking Up" on my ipod, the bus turned on the stretch of the road that faces directly on to the lake. The sun was shining, there were sailboats of every color, and the energy was magnetic. Just as Jenny Lewis cries "Oh! It feels good to free!" rays of sun just trickled out of every corner of the bus. It was surreal. Maybe it is a reminder that even if I feel like I am 40 and already past this birthday let down thing- I am still young and alive.

I tried taking a picture of it all on my new phone, the Motorola Blur, but I still haven't figured out a majority of the options. Seriously, I am touch phone illiterate. Someone tell me how to download ringtones on this thing!

Anyways, it's only 10am and my phone has been blasted with texts and various other messages wishing me a happy birthday. I have three people on my list that I am not expecting a call or message from, but if they do manage to find it in their heart to make contact, I'd be a bit relieved and excited over.

Because I am in such a great mood today, I will present episode three of Crap I Find on Etsy! Moving from bags and purses, I bring you today's category of "bath and beauty." Let's start off with the good:

I'm not a girl who wears perfume heavily. In fact, I stick to one scent until I hate it or it runs out. I'm cheap too... a Lucky brand girl. Right now, I am reeking of vanilla christmas scents from Victoria Secrets. I do have a large bottle of perfume I got in Paris that has hints of watermelon and grape in it. I only wear that one for special, special occasions (aka, when I want to meet a man who's apparently really in to fruit). But dating the vegan and being eco-conscious makes me consider the effects of the perfume on both my body and the animals it is inevitably been tested on. That's why, for the good, I am picking this vanilla, eco friendly, and animal-free solid perfume:

It's my birthday- BUY! (Only $5)

Now, for the BAD. It wasn't a hard decision, actually, because this stood out as the most repulsive thing to put on your body. First of all, I get massive headaches when wearing leather so I cant imagine being drenched in the scent all day. Secondly, only bikers would approach a gal whose scented calling card smells like the seat of a their "hog." And no way will I buy something described as "smokey, leather." I used to live in Elgin. That was smokey and leather-y enough for me, thank you.

For those of you who enjoy the scent of mutilated cow during seduction time.

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